March 2075

There are three sides to the city nightlife. The first is a favored tradition: clubbing. Drinks, drugs and a plethora of people willing to fulfill your deepest desires for the right price. Then, there are the necessities: fast-food joints, convenience stores, matrix centers, etc. The last is tolerated but never addressed: the deals made behind closed doors under dim lights. Zero liabilities and zero restrictions. You want to teach a guy a lesson? It’s done. You want him dead? Even easier. After everything you’ve seen, you know it’s never safe to walk out under the night sky and that someone is going to get a bullet lodged in their skull tonight.

That someone, however, is not you. You went to bed early. Tomorrow is a work day after all.

You are in the SIN registry. You have a residential share. You’re normal. Just a completely average citizen of the Pueblo Corporate Council. Well, that’s not entirely true.

You have a passion for music and a fancy to be famous for it. You want the crowds, the lights, the studios, the albums, the merchandise and the money that goes with it. Secondly, you are a couple counties away from Los Angeles. That doesn’t mean much in the music world today. Denver, Seattle, and even New York City are generally considered to be a better place to grow as a startup artist. They are certainly a better place to live in compared to the numerous hardships the City of Angels has suffered over the years. Nevertheless, with the help of the ever-loving Horizon Group, LA is hell bent on retaking the title of being “The Entertainment Capital of the World” and you’re destined to rise with them.

The first step is to find others with talent like you.


Hello everyone!

This is a campaign that takes place in the world of Shadowrun where the player characters are normal SINners from the PCC region who try to start a band and rise up to or fight against the Horizon elites. This is inspired from the Shadowbeats rulebook but has more focus on a performance system that I’ve developed. Knowledge of Shadowrun 5th edition and how it works will not be required. I will be informing players about gameplay mechanics and lore whenever it is necessary. However, I do believe there are a few requirements that need to be addressed.

General Requirements:
-An Interest in Music
Being a rock band is going to be a main part of the game. However, we will be diving into a lot of aspects of the music and entertainment industry: publication, advertising, concerts, music videos, tv spots, and working your way up to be a top celebrity.
-Team Communication
You can make your character antisocial or a bit chaotic but please try to work together when your teammates need you.
-Be a Nice Person
Though Shadowrun never was politically correct and probably never will be, I would still appreciate it if we could be nice to one another and try not to offend each other.

With all this said, let’s explore Los Angeles together in all its high-octane, irradiated glory.

The SINful Life: Music from the Ground Floor