List of Bands and Musicians

Current Bands/Artists: 32

A-rank: 9 (Intel Level 1 Unlocked!)
Processor Magnificent – A music and technology lover who merged his two passions into one. The man also wore a box over his head as a part of his persona. His real face has yet to be revealed and probably never will. Though he produces more than he plays in recent years, his songs still air daily on music stations and clubs around the world.The documentary he made, Insta-ments: The Rise and Fall of the Song-O-Mat, comes out in mid-July.
Dataslaves’ Rebellion – A band comprised of real Deckers who all had decent jobs in corporations before they gave it up for the music. However, most of them were previously employed by Horizon subsidiaries so the truthfulness of that origin story is debatable. They still manage to entertain the crowds with drones and junkyard attire accompanied with their trademarked blend of electronic beats and old school rock.
Lipsticks on Fire – Thrusted onto the pop scene three years ago, this all female band rocks the world with elaborate stunts both on and off the stage. It should be noted that there is substance to go along with all the flash. Emma Garat’s guitar solo on “Broken Nails” is considered the gold standard for her contemporaries. However, a rivalry between the band and Nicki Napalm, who gave them their big break during 2072 Super Bowl Halftime show, has placed pressure on their fanbase.
Phoenix Phil – An utter psychopath from Urban Brawl and Combat Biking fame, sports that he still plays on regular basis. He got his nickname when his bike exploded during a game. He managed to steal a bike from the other team and score the winning goal, staggering back to camp with second degree burns. His songs are hard to decipher. Many just have him screaming into the mic while he strums as fast as he can.
Silverflash – A Wakayambi Elven signer who wants to bring ‘class’ back to the music scene. He wears the best suits and always has a cool methodical attitude in public. He talks about fashion and politics on his MeFeed channel often.
April Season – Horizon’s princess for six years running. Her primary work consists of soft songs about being humble or living an average life; however, her collaborations span from singing in shred rock to providing the beats for Orcish reggae rap. She says nothing but good things about Horizon and defends the company at all costs.
Daniel Fare – The original bass player for The Polymorphs. He left the band in 2061 to compose for Trids. People fell in love with his voice and he received a decent career as a simstar. He normally tours with orchestral arrangements of his most popular songs nowadays but whenever he does release a new song, it tops the charts instantly.
Nicki Napalm -In 2063, she signed on with Shangri-La Productions and skyrocketed to the main stage. She’s been there ever since. She’s an absolute bombshell through her fiery, if not downright aggressive, attitude has cooled over the years. Her two kids might have had something to do with it.
Schoolboy Squad – A boyband like no other. You already know these guys. Heck, if you’re between the ages of 10 to 25, you probably grew up with them singing into your ear for better or worse. Fifteen years ago, some bigwigs at New Line Studios thought: “What if we started a reality show starring thirty attractive teenage boys trying to live their lives as highschoolers/popstars, take them on tour, develop a story arc for the most popular ones, and repeat the process with a new batch every four years?” That bright idea is now one of the highest rated tridshows ever and has spawned four successful spin-offs. Their music is pretty dry but don’t ever say that in front of a fan.

B-rank: 5 (Intel Locked)
The Rise of Orange Ties
Icarus Soaring
The Ten Bars
The Next Wave

C-rank: 6 (Intel Locked)
Sludge Surfers
Arctic Lace
Lonely Doves
Neon Ninjas
The Grooves of the Earth
The Polymorphs

D-rank: 5 (Intel Locked)
Bones on the Sand
The Technomicon
The Squatch Twins
Olympiad for Groundhogs

E-rank: 7 (Intel Level 1 Unlocked!)
Time lost – Pretentious and moody in the boring way.
Contagious – Pretentious and moody in the aggravating way.
Abby and Maggie – A sickeningly cute sister act. Do we really need another one of these?
Goat Party – They wear knitted goat caps. Weird.
Whirlpool – It’s hard to tell whether or not these guys are even awake for their own performances.
Band-ages – It’s a pun! Get it!? Seriously though, I don’t know what these guys do on their spare time but they need those bandages.
Candlesticks – Life is hard for this band of idiots.
(Player’s Band-Good luck!)

List of Bands and Musicians

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